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Level up in Varsow



The beginning was on September 26th. That day I decided to sign on to a project offered by the Spanishyouth association “Intercambia” and sponsored by the“Erasmus +” program.


My desire to further continue my education and meet new people pushed me to submit my application, and thatproved to be an excellent idea…


On October 2nd I opened one of the most important e-mails I’ve received in a long time. I had been selected asone of the participants in the training course “Level Up”.On October 6th I had an appointment at the Office of Youth Services of Málaga’s City Hall. There I met three wonderful people: Fran, Mentxu and Vanessa. Later on,Alberto joined us. We attended several more meetings to prepare for the training, and then we were ready to go…


Not everything was peaches and cream, to be honest. My heart was filled with fears and obstacles: the language barrier, will the rest of participants accept me?, will it be worth it to miss work for a week?, will I be able tocommunicate with them? Thousands of questionsoverwhelmed me and perhaps, if I hadn’t bought the flight, I wouldn’t have gone. Finally, I decided to go there and it was one of the best decisions in my life.


Our adventure started at 01.00 pm on November 2nd atMálaga’s airport, known as Pablo Picasso. The flight was perfect and very nice. After 4 hours we landed in Warsaw. A blonde guy (typical “guiri”) picked us up, and took us to the hostel. All I need to say about the hostel is that it was a somewhat gloomy place, it wasn’t the best…


The Spanish team decided to arrive one day before toexplore the city. It was a very good idea, since the Project didn’t leave us a lot of free time. That evening we met therest of participating countries: Hungary, Poland, Latvia, Romania and Turkey. It was the first time we had to speak English. Everybody played different kinds of games, dances and group icebreakers.


The Project began and we started to speak English around 14 hours a day. Wow! Amazing! The meeting times of the course were 9.00 to 13.00 and 16.00 to 19.00.


As the course progressed, the Spanish team wasparticipating more and more during discussions and group activities. The training course included some interesting aspects, some others not so much; several aspects were useful whereas others were not; a lot of activities were correct in my opinion, and the overall evaluation of the project was very satisfactory, since it provided us with aparticular business vision focused on goals.


Obviously I must say that in a project where you meet 33 young people it is very easy to drink some beers (in my case, I would say maybe even some more…). That was part of the experience of meeting new people from five different countries. It was an opportunity to practiceEnglish in a place with loud music and thousands of distractions, and I can say I passed the test.


In short, I must encourage everybody to participate in these courses. I must add that some aspects will be betterthan others and that there may be some organizationalproblems (or many, depending on the trainers). But I think the experience to learn about one topic while practicingEnglish (as much as you want) and meeting young peoplelike you, who are looking for their place in the world with an open mind, is priceless…


You must try it at least once, and I am sure you will repeat it.